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Stop Fighting - So you can Start Living
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About your Coach
Steven Dromgool has spent over 20 years of experience helping Couples out of Relationship Hell and Back to Connection.
He knows firsthand what it feels like to struggle and fail in relationships, to try and explain to kids why Mummy and Daddy can't live together, he has also experienced the failure of therapy to meaningfully address these problems.  So he travelled the globe and has spent the last 15 years training under the top experts to discover, what makes Relationship Soar?
Steven Dromgool Relationship Expert
Relationships are hard to do well - Research says over 80% of couples struggle with prolonged unhappiness.  Understanding your fight pattern is the first key to success.  Escaping the Fight Trap will help you:
  • Relax: By turning off your fight/flight adrenal response
  • Reconnect: Discover the longing under the fight
  • Rejuvenate: Safety and Connection make space for play . . .
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